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In Elder Scrolls Online, there are seven crafting professions. Skill points are needed to fully develop crafting skills, but you are not limited to a single profession, and can choose to dabble in all of them, or specialize in a few professions. To craft, a crafting station of appropriate kind must be found.

Crafting materials can be gathered from the world, such as plants or ore, or looted from enemies. The primary use is to create items, however several crafting skills allow extracting of materials from items or researching traits they possess, which destroys those items. Some even let you improve existing items.

Table of contents


  • Alchemy: Potions and Poisons
  • Blacksmithing: Heavy armor and Metallic Weapons
  • Clothing: Light and Medium Armor
  • Enchanting: Glyphs to enhance Weapons, Armor, and Jewelry
  • Jewelry Crafting: Crafting Jewelry
  • Provisioning: Foods and Drinks
  • Woodworking: Staves, Bows, and Shields

Skill Points

The amount of skill points required in order to max out each profession skill line.

ProfessionSkill Points
Jewelry Crafting18


Raw materials for some professions (blacksmithing, clothing, jewelry crafting, and woodworking) may be refined, 10 at a time, into 7-10 refined craftable items, averaging an 85% recovery rate. In addition to craftable items, refining raw materials will also yield trait items and upgrading items.

Temper, Tannin, Plating, Resin Quality%-Chance per Raw Material


There are two master crafters, Millenith (Found near the Fighters Guild Branches in Daggerfall, Davon’s Watch, Vulkhel Guard) and Danel Telleno (Found in the Mages Guildhall in Vulkhel Guard, Davon’s Watch or Daggerfall), who can certify you in three professions each. This will allow you to do daily crafting writs in those professions.


All seven crafting professions use Inspiration for leveling purposes. Each profession uses the same amount of inspiration for all ranks as shown in the below table. Higher crafting ranks allow you to create higher level products and unlock more passive abilities in each profession. Inspiration is gained from performing crafting activities, such as creation, improvement, extraction, and refinement, as well as by completing writs. You gain more inspiration by crafting or deconstructing higher quality products.


Nodes are found throughout the world and can be harvested for crafting. They come in several forms, including plants, ore veins, logs, and runestones. All nodes scale to either the level of your crafting passives, or your character level. Certain zones offer a chance to obtain additional rare crafting materials when harvesting a node there. These are listed in the table below:

Fortified Nirncrux, Potent NirncruxCraglorn
Grain of Pearl SandGold Coast
Rogue’s SootHew’s Bane
Viridian DustVvardenfell
Cassiterite SandWrothgar
Aetherial DustBase Game Zones

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