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Daily Quests (PVP)

These quests can be done in PVP areas in the game (Imperial City, Cyrodiil). All other rules from the non-DLC Daily Quests still apply for these.

Table of contents

Cyrodiil Settlement (49 Quests)

Although not all PvE quests in Cyrodiil are repeatable, those found in the zone’s major settlements can all be completed daily.

  • Bruma
    • These are offered by Grigerda and Hjorik.
  • Cheydinhal
    • These are offered by Sylvian Herius and Vyctoria Girien.
  • Chorrol and Weynon Priory
    • These are offered by Lliae the Quick and Mael.
  • Cropsford
    • These are offered by Prefect Antias and Ufgra gra-Gum.
  • Vlastarus
    • These are offered by Nelerien and Jurana.
Special Rewards:
Items from the Set of the respective Settlement

Fighters Guild Bounty (1 Quest)

These quests are available at your Alliance’s Border Keeps once you’ve unlocked the Bounty Hunter passive skill in the Fighters Guild skill line.

PvP (6 Quests)

These quests can be accepted from bounty boards at your Alliance’s Border Keeps

  • Battle Missions
    • Capture a resource farm close to any keep for your alliance
  • Bounty Missions
    • Kill several enemy players accross Cyrodiil (Dragonknights, Necromancers, Nightblades, Sorcerers, Templars, Wardens, Players)
  • Conquest Missions
    • One of the following tasks has to be completed (Capture 3 Towns, Capture 9 Resources, Capture 3 Keeps, Kill 40 Enemy Players)
  • Scouting Missions
    • Report on the defenses of a specific keep or resource
  • Warfront Missions
    • Capture a keep for your alliance
  • Elder Scrolls Missions
    • Capture a specific Elder Scroll for your alliance

Imperial City (6 Quests)

DLC: Imperial City

There is a quest in each district of the Imperial City.

Special Rewards:
Siege of Cyrodiil Merit (For the first District Quest that is completed)

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